The BETU utility token will be used within all platforms.
Within the account dashboard of all platforms, we have built in an exchange enabling users to be able to swap BETU tokens with other major cryptocurrency such as: BTC, ETH, BNB & USDT.
The BETU token is borderless and enables people from different parts of the world to bet against each other with one universal betting currency.
The BETU token is the future of online betting, gambling and play-to-earn gaming.


The BETU token will be used for betting across sports, esports and casino games.
Bets will be placed with the BETU token & other major cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, APE. All players will be offered incentives to hold BETU tokens such as odds boosts, bonus bets.


All players must hold BETU tokens to play. Players get up to 1% of their BETU token balance as points to play with. The more BETU tokens a player holds, the more they can earn.

BetU Verse:

People can own part of the BetU Verse via purchasing exclusive, revenue generating NFT’s: The BetU Verse NFT marketplace will enable people to buy, sell and trade their NFT’s with the BETU token.
Token Burning: Tokens that are burnt are permanently removed from circulation, reducing the circulating and total supply. 4% of quarterly profit margins from BetU Verse Casino & BetU sports & esports betting will be burnt.
Community Betting Rewards: Frequent and large bettors and referrers will be incentivized with BETU Tokens. To encourage new users to join the platforms and grow the user base, bonus tokens/bets will be given to users to place their first bets on the platforms.
Whale Holders Benefits: To become a whale holder, a user must hold 1,000,000 BETU Tokens. Whale holders will receive many benefits such as: Improved odds on BetU’s bookmaking service, no winning fees on peer to peer bets & VIP access within BetU Verse.
BetU Charity 1% of quarterly profit margins from BetU platforms will be donated to charity.
Governance: BETU token holders will be able to vote on platform changes and improvements.
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BetU Verse: