BetU Verse

BetU Verse - A licensed metaverse resort, casino & entertainment complex.

BetU Verse is a virtual reality platform that enables players to enjoy interactive games and experiences within the licensed metaverse resort & casino.

People will be able to own part of the BetU Verse via exclusive NFT’s including resident avatars, luxury condominiums as well as branded casino tables & slot machines.

BetU Verse Resort and Casino

Ground Level: The ground level of BetU Verse includes a casino floor, sports lounge and bar.

Casino Floor: Players will be able to enjoy all of their favorite casino games including: slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker and the big wheel.

Sports Lounge: A fully interactive sports lounge will enable players to watch and bet on their favorite real world sports & esports as well as metaverse games.

Bar: Avatars can enjoy some refreshments served by our friendly BetU Verse staff while people meet and interact at the bar.

Resort Levels Condominiums: The BetU Verse resort consists of 5,008 condominium’s. Owners will be able to fit out their condo with furniture of their choice, from bed’s to poker tables. Owners will be able to rent out their condo’s for private parties and events or sell it on the open market.

Shopping: BetU Verse will house a shopping mall for users to purchase items for use within the metaverse and the real world. Items include clothes, wearables, in game assets, furniture and cars.

Entertainment: Entertainment will include a nightclub, day/pool club, NFT museum, adult entertainment and dedicated floors of play-to-earn and other metaverse games. BetU Verse will partner with leading and upcoming crypto games to help them increase their exposure and gain new players. Partners will also be able to buy and build their own custom made rooms within the BetU Verse entertainment complex.

Conferences & Events: BetU Verse will house a conference room that can be used to host metaverse events.

BetU Verse NFT’s:

People will be able to own part of the BetU Verse via purchasing exclusive NFT’s.

Resident Avatar & Condominium Real Estate Ownership NFT’s Exclusive resident avatars and luxury condominiums will be available as NFTs. Metaverse avatars are styled by celebrity stylist Lisa Cameron and come with infinite gaming utility and exclusive benefits for holders.

Casino Table NFT’s: Own your own branded blackjack, roulette or poker table NFT.

Slot Machine NFT’s: Own a branded slot machine NFT within BetU Verse and design your own in game assets.

Wearable NFT’s: Purchase NFT wearables from the shopping complex to dress your avatar and suit your poker face.

Penthouse Suite NFT’s: 8 Penthouse suites will be auctioned off following the completion of the development of the condominium levels. These High Roller rooms are designed to give the owners the ultimate BetU Verse experience.

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