PancakeSwap Liquidity

BETU Staking Rewards for Adding PancakeSwap Liquidity

Earn BETU tokens for adding liquidity to the BETU/BNB liquidity pool on PancakeSwap.

You must add both BETU and the equal value of BNB.


Earn 0.15 BETU per day (54.75 BETU per year) for every Pancake LP Token (BETU/BNB) held.

Tokens must remain in the liquidity pool for a full 24 hours to receive rewards. Rewards will begin being calculated on Monday 18th of October 00:01 UTC. Rewards will be automatically calculated every week from Monday 00.01 UTC - Sunday 24:00 UTC.

Rewards will be paid out weekly, every Monday by 12:00 UTC for the week prior. First payout will occur on 25 October. Rewards will be paid into the wallet you added liquidity with. You will also earn a percentage of all transactions fees from the BETU/BNB pool, based on your percentage of the total pool.

To Stake / Add Liquidity:

1. Visit: 2. Connect your wallet: 3. Enter how many BETU tokens you want to add, it will automatically calculate how many BNB you must also add. 4. Click Supply and follow the instructions to confirm the transaction. To learn more above Pancake Swap Liquidity Pools, LP Tokens, Transaction Fee Earnings & Impermanent loss please see: To learn about how to calculate the price value of an LP Token please see:

To see the wallets that have added liquidity see:

Example as of 18 October 2021:

If you add to the liquidity pool:

4,750 BETU tokens & 2.46128 BNB = 100 LP Tokens You will earn 15 BETU per day or 5,475 BETU tokens per year.

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