EarnU - Play-to-earn sports & esports prediction game.

Play-to-earn sport and esports prediction game.

EarnU | Play-To-Earn Sports & Esports Prediction Game | BETU crypto token
BETU token holders play for free and earn rewards for correct predictions.
Imagine watching your favorite sport or esport and being able to place predictions without worrying about losing.
EarnU gives people that winning thrill of without the risk of loss. It’s not gambling - you can only win.
The game is integrated with SportRadar and for match, data, odds feeds and streaming.
Pre-match prediction markets will be available on all major sports: Basketball, Football, MMA, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Hockey and more.
Pre-match and live in game predictions and streaming will be available on all major esports including: League of Legends, Counter Strike, Dota 2, FIFA and more.
Holding tiers are incorporated into the game, to encourage a large player base and manage individual user payouts.
Like all games, as players progress so will the difficulty level, with payout levels being adjusted over time.
EarnU has the unique ability to be able to target all sport and esport fans, gamblers and gamers alike.

How It works:

1. HOLD BETU TOKENS, You can’t lose them. It’s free to play for BETU holders.

2. JOIN A ROUND, rounds begin on Wednesday & end on Tuesday each week.

3. RECEIVE POINTS TO PLAY, points are given to make predictions. Up to 1% of BETU balance.

4. PREDICT CORRECTLY & EARN REWARDS, points earned at the end of the round are converted to BETU tokens.

*Max weekly payout: 10% of BETU balance. Max BETU balance: 50,000