BetU Revenue
BetU Foundation will make revenue from BetU and BetU Verse platforms which will fund ongoing operations and the BetU Play-To-Earn game rewards.
BetU Bookmaking Profits: To mitigate risk there will be a small variable margin built into all odds.
BetU Peer to Peer Winning Fees: The winning fee is 1% of the total winning payout.
BetU Verse Casino Profits: Casino tables and slot machines will generate continual revenue.
BetU Verse NFT Sales: Initial sales of NFT’s will generate revenue for BetU. NFT owners will then be able to resell them on the BetU Verse NFT marketplace.
Quarterly Profit Distribution: 50% Operational Expenses, 45% BetU Play-To-Earn, 4% Burnt, 1% BetU Charity.
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