BetU - A sports, esports, & crypto betting platform.
BetU | Sports & Esports Betting, BETU Crypto Token - Project
BetU is a sports, esports & crypto betting platform. Secured by smart contracts and powered by the BETU Token. BetU will offer traditional bookmaker services along with peer-to-peer betting resulting in better odds and bigger winnings.
BetU aims to become a leader in the global sports betting market worth $391 Billion USD. With the goal of taking significant market share from global bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, DraftKings and FanDuel.

Betting Platform:

The BetU Platform will enable people to become their own bookmaker and bet against their peers. In the wagering industry the BetU platform will be akin to a combination of Bet365 & Betfair.
The BetU platform will enable betting on all major sports and esports. Future versions of the platform will open up betting to any public event. Bets will be placed with the BETU token & other major cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, APE.
Bet Makers can list bets with odds of their choice and Bet Takers can accept the best bets available. Individual peer-to-peer bet details will be uploaded via smart contracts to blockchain and funds will be locked until a winner is determined.
The BetU platform will be available on web, tablet and mobile.

Bookmaking / Sportsbook Service:

To ensure liquidity in all betting markets, BetU will provide bookmaking services with odds and results feeds from BetRadar for all sport events and for all esport events.
To mitigate risk there will be a small variable margin built into all odds.

Peer-to-Peer Marketplace:

BetU will be a marketplace of bets. It will link Bet Makers and Bet Takers. Users will be able to search for specific bets via sport, league, player, bet type, odds etc.

Bet Maker

The Bet Maker (The person offering the bet) acts as a bookmaker and determines the criteria of the bet, including: the event, type of bet, amount and the specific odds.
When a Bet Maker places a bet, the total potential payout of BETU tokens are locked.
A Bet Maker can cancel a bet at any time prior to a Bet Taker accepting a bet. When a bet is canceled the BETU tokens are unlocked.

Bet Taker

A Bet Taker (The person accepting the bet) can choose to accept a specific bet made by a Bet Maker. A Bet Taker can accept the entire bet amount or only a part of the bet to suit their preference.
If a Bet Taker only accepts part of the amount, the Bet Maker can leave the balance on the marketplace for other Bet Takers to accept or they can cancel the remaining amount.

Determining A Result

Results will automatically be determined by feeds from BetRadar &
In future versions, when a Bet Maker can create any type of bet, on any type of event, automatic feeds and oracles may not be able to determine the result. The winner will be determined by BetU’s proprietary Honest Bet System.

Winning Fee

BetU will deduct a 1% winning fee from the tokens won (profit) on all peer-to-peer bets to cover operational expenses. The winning fee will not apply if the winner is a whale holder (holds more than 1,000,000 BETU Tokens). No winning fee is deducted from bets with the BetU bookmaking service.
BetU | Sports & Esports Betting, BETU Crypto Token - Project