Welcome to the BetU Ecosystem.

The BetU ecosystem comprises of 3 interrelated platforms:

  • BetU Verse - A licensed metaverse resort and casino.
  • EarnU - Play-to-earn sports & esports prediction game.
  • BetU - A sports, esports, & crypto betting platform.
The BETU utility token powers the entire ecosystem.

BetU Verse:

BetU Verse Resort & Entertainment Complex | Metaverse NFT's
BetU Verse is a virtual reality platform that enables players to enjoy interactive games and experiences within the licensed metaverse resort & casino.
People can own part of the BetU Verse via exclusive NFT’s including resident avatars, luxury condominiums as well as branded casino tables & slot machines.


EarnU | Play-To-Earn Sports & Esports Prediction Game | BETU crypto token
EarnU is a sports and esports prediction game. BETU token holders play for free and earn rewards for correct predictions.
EarnU gives people the adrenaline rush from placing winning sports and esports predictions without the risk of loss. The game is not gambling.

BetU platform:

BetU | Sports & Esports Betting, BETU Crypto Token - Project
BetU is a sports, esports, & crypto betting platform. Secured by smart contracts and powered by the BETU Token. BetU will offer traditional bookmaker services along with peer-to-peer betting resulting in better odds and bigger winnings.
BetU aims to become a leader in the global sports betting market worth $391 Billion USD. In the wagering industry the BetU platform will be akin to a combination of Bet365 & Betfair.

BETU token:

BetU | Sports & Esports Betting, BETU Crypto Token - Project
The BETU utility token will power all platforms. The BETU token will be used for betting across sports, esports and casino games. It must also be held by people playing EarnU.
Bets will be placed with the BETU token & other major cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, APE. All players will be offered incentives to hold BETU tokens such as odds boosts, bonus bets.
BETU tokens will also be utilized for winnings & betting rewards (if placed with BETU), incentives, staking, burning, whale holder benefits, purchasing of NFT’s and governance of the platforms.

BetU Team:

BetU has recruited an experienced world-class team with a proven record of building successful businesses from the ground up. With global experience in leading betting companies, online marketplaces, finance, marketing, technology development, and blockchain. The BetU team has proven its ability to deliver market leading and community focused products, fast.

Partners & Integrations:

Sotatek, Chainlink, SportRadar, BetRadar,, Onfido, Accubits.

Gaming License:

BetU Curacao B.V is licensed to conduct an online casino and sports betting operations by the Government of Curacao.

BetU encourages responsible gambling.

A BetU Charity will be established to support vulnerable people, especially children, who have been impacted by gambling addiction.
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