CEO - Paul Rogash - Linkedin 15 years experience growing online marketplaces, marketing and advertising related business. Founded and sold - an online machinery & equipment marketplace, Lawyers SEO & Escalated Advertising. Two short term marketing contracts in low cap crypto projects, saw increases of 30x & 20x within the first 3 months. Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.
CFO - Scott Parry - Linkedin 19 years as CEO of Crown Money Management, Australia’s leading money management company. Scott is regularly featured in Australian media providing CFO and financial advice around money to consumers and businesses.
Marketing Manger - Tizian De Pasquale - Linkedin 10 years in customer relationship management, marketing and customer retention at leading sports betting and casino gaming companies including: Betmaster, The Coingaming Group, Pokerstars, Betsson Group, Bwin & PaddyPower. Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages & Literature at University of International Studies of Rome.
Operations Manager - Shelby Mahoney - Linkedin 10 years in operations and strategy at fast-paced, global companies including Uber & Accenture. Specialises in operational efficiency and scaling companies while aiding product evolution. Bachelor of Arts in Finance at Michigan State University.
Partnership - Leopold de Lassence - Linkedin Experienced fullstack javascript engineer and enthusiastic crypto researcher. Diploma in Web development at EEMI & European Business School Paris.
Social Media Manager - Mark Escano - Linkedin 7 years in social media management and content creation. Experienced brand builder, grew social media followings of 2million+. Work featured in Forbes, Huffington Post &
Web Designer - UI/UX - Michal Maciejewski - Website Award winning web designer and developer, specializes in creating beautiful, user friendly websites and landing pages. Diploma in UX Design - The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
Partnerships & Influencer Outreach - Sam Morgan - Podcast Successful sports and lifestyle podcast, Sam Squared. Bachelor of Arts - Communication & Media - The University of Notre Dame.
Graphic Designer - Uwie Nugraha - Portfolio 20 years experience as a graphic designer and social media content creator. Master in Adobe creative suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and Indesign.
Copywriter - Jack Hartman - Experienced sport and betting content creator and copywriter.
Development Partner - Sotatek - Sotatek is a South East Asia’s preeminent software and blockchain development group who have been contracted to build BetU’s platform. Sotatek portfolio of clients includes VCC crypto currency exchange, Sota Finance NFT marketplace and Travala travel booking site. A team of 12 have been assigned to building the BetU platform:
Project Manager - Jason Vu
Blockchain Engineer & Smart Contract Developer - Truong Nugyen
UI / UX Designer - Zoey Leu
DevOps - Phuong Tran
Backend Developer - Hoang Pham
Backend Developer - Son Ngo
Backend Developer - Any Do
Frontend Developer - Ba Nguyen
Frontend Developer - Kien Dao
Frontend Developer - Duong Nguyen
Tester & Quality Control - Huyen Ho
Tester & Quality Control - Ha Nguyen
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